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About Us

<H1>About Us</H1>
<P>We are a family of four. Dad is the picker, Mom is customer relations,and our two boys are actively involved including the computer side of things.
<P>We have always enjoyed playing with LEGO bits and finally decided to kick it up a notch. Our current store started as a mix of extras from our projects and has now taken over the house.<BR>
<P>Also, keep an eye out for us on the road as we are regulars at the US based LEGO fan shows including BrickFair, Brick Universe, and Brick Fest Live.  Be sure to say Hello!<BR>
<H2>What's in a name?</H2>
<P>Our business and it’s name were created by 2 young boys who wanted to combine their passions: LEGO building and Axolotls. Axolotls are a unique amphibian from Mexico that is currently on the CITES Endangered Species List.  A portion of our sales goes to support Axolotl research and conservation.<BR>
Check them out at <A HREF="http://www.axolotl.org">Axolotl.org</A> <BR>
<BR>Thanks for stopping by!<BR>
<P>Updated Sept 2020


 Last Updated: 14 Sep 2020